Startup Local is a company that hosts contests for local startup companies. The winning startup company wins a sum of money determined by the community organization that sets up the contest with Startup Local.

There are several personas that engage with Startup Local. Company owners that want to compete need to enroll their business. Community leaders that would like the help of Startup Local come to the site to hire the Startup Local service. And Lastly, Judges use the site to read about the competitions that they will be overseeing.

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Competition Dashboards

When users sign up to work with Startup Local, they get three sets of Dashboards. One dashboard allows local business owners to sign up for the competition. Resource libraries are also awarded to them for their participation in the competition.

A second dashboard gives community leaders the ability to track the traffic on the Competition website, and also gives them the ability to manage contestants.

A third dashboard gives judges overviews of each contestant. It also gives them access to information for the various industries represented by businesses that have entered the competition.

Competition Setup

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Competition Setup and Resources

Startup Local gives communities the ability to run competitions that spur innovation and competition. Making sure that community leaders can easily initiate and manage a competition is paramount to the platform's success.

Resource libraries offer up an opportunity for experts in the community to contribute relevant business knowledge. Having a great idea doesn't always translate to a successful start-up. By partnering with experts in the community, contestants learn more about what it takes to run a successful business.

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