Bandhappy is an online music education tool that connects teachers with students. Teachers range from professionally touring musicians to classically trained music teachers, providing a fantastic variety in learning opportunities.

In 2013. Bandhappy won the 2012 MTV O Award for Best Music Teacher Replacement, and grew to include a substantial user base across the globe.

Live Home Mock

Project Skillset

Project Highlights

Home and Dashboard Design

My work with Bandhappy included creating a more engaging home page, dashboard, and sign up forms. I also worked to integrate social media interaction so that the Bandhappy home page could become a hub for students and teachers.

Part of the design goal for this project was to create a sense of community that was integrated with the other pieces of functionality. This drove the design for the dashboard in that every piece of important information was offered to the user in the form of notifications on large playful buttons.

Below the buttons, the user had a personalized social feed that kept the user up to date on the activities of both teachers and other befriended students.

User Acquisition

I designed two different signup workflows that were optimized for teachers and students. The teacher signup, and profile allowed users to showcase their talents through videos and recorded pieces. The student signup encouraged users to locate teachers that they would be motivated to learn from.

Given the large amount of information needed from users during the signup process, I found that a stepped approach helped to diminish the somewhat daunting task. Users found the 3 step approach much more enjoyable.

If you're interested in learning more about my role in this project, please feel free to send over an email.